Kurtarıcı kış bisiklet bisikleti ısıtma eldiven astar pil ısıtmalı 3 seviyeleri 40-60c 3-6 saat tutmak ısınma adam kadın SHGS04B
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Kurtarıcı kış bisiklet bisikleti ısıtma eldiven astar pil ısıtmalı 3 seviyeleri 40-60c 3-6 saat tutmak ısınma adam kadın SHGS04B

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 Model :  SHGS04 B Size :   S,M,L,XL,XXLPeople using :  Unisex Material : soft with super fiber, Color :  black grey Heating :  back side with all five fingers. Level :  3 levels control.  Temperature : 45-65 degree.Use time :  3-6 hours for 7.4 V,2200m Ah battery.Use time :  3-8 hours for 7.4 V, 3000m Ah battery Function :   sports ,heating. Fit for :  biking , winter use, outdoor sports cycling, sking, riding.    INSTRUCTIONS     INSTRUCTIONS :   Unpack the SAVIOR HEATED GLOVES, along with the two Lithium Polymer Battery Pack and charger. The battery packs of the SAVIOR HEATED GLOVES are not charged and must be fully charged 3-4 hours before initial use. When the LED turns green, it will be full.   Connect the charger’s two cables into the sockets of the cables of the battery packs. Both battery packs must always be charged at the same time!   After initial charging, the regular charging time is approximately up to 4 hours depending on the charging state of the batteries. The charger was designed to protect and guarantee a long life of the battery packs without overcharging. The two LED lights on the charger turn red during loading and then turn green after fully charged. After the battery packs are fully charged, unplug the charger and disconnect the cables from the battery packs. Store the whole unit heated gloves in the package box.   When using your SAVIOR HEATED GLOVES, open the package box and connect the battery packs into the heated gloves. One LED will turn on automatically. This is LEVEL 1. Press the button once and two LEDs will work. This is LEVEL 2. Press the button twice and three LEDs will light. This is LEVEL 3. Press the button third and three LEDs will turn off.      The temperature can be adjusted by pressing control button.   Level 3  3 LEDs On (100% Power, 40°C – 48°C, Heating Time 2-3 Hours) Level 2 3 LEDs On (66% Power, 48°C – 55°C, Heating Time 4-5 Hours) Level 1  3 LEDs On (33% Power, 55°C – 60°C, Heating Time 6- 8 Hours) Level 0  3 LEDs Off   Remarks : IF DIFFERENT OUTDOOR ENVIRONMENT, THE DATA MAY BE DIFFERENT.  STORAGE :   For best performance it is recommended not to fully charge the batteries if the gloves are not being used for a longer period of time! Charge for 30 minutes only and after 3 months charge the batteries again for about 30 minutes! Charge the batteries completely before using the gloves again.   CARE INSTRUCTIONS :   •• Turn OFF the gloves when not in use. •• Always take off the battery pack when the gloves are not in use and store them inside the paper box. •• Store the heated gloves and charger in a cool, clean and dry place. •• Only use the original charger to charge the battery packs. •• Do not damage the heating elements by excessively stretching or twisting the gloves.

S, M, L, XL, XXL
Full Finger
Model Numarası:
Marka Adı:
heating elements:
carbon fiber
battery type:
lithium polymer battery
smart dual charger
3 levels smart control